3 Day Ephesus Highlights Tour

  • Ephesus Highlights 3 day tour

Ephesus Highlights 3 day tour

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Take a 3-day tour of the Ephesus and Pamukkale region. While here you will take time to explore the ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus, which will include the house of the Virgin Mary, Temple of Artemis, and Isa Bey Mosque. This tour is the perfect getaway for those who have limited time and wish to visit a unique place in Turkey.

Welcome to Turkey and the Selcuk Region!

Arriving in the region you will be taken to your accommodation where you can relax.


Today you will start your time in the region with a tour of the Ancient city of Ephesus. This ancient city was popular with people from all over due to its location, large population, and harbour altogether. While today the coast is approximately 7Km away the harbour buildings can still be seen by the entrance to the city. As you enter the city the main street known as ‘Marble street’ guides you through the centre where you can stop and marvel at the different partial ruins that are amongst the best-preserved.

One of the highlights of the city is the famous library of Celsus, during its lifespan drew in many different types of literary people, and help thousands of scrolls and books before it was destroyed. Today only the front facade remains after it was rebuilt by the first archaeologists discovered it. Throughout the town, there are many buildings to be found including; homes, public latrines, and even a brothel.

The Temple of Artemis is a nearby Wonder of the Ancient world. Constructed in the Hellenistic age is was uniquely made entirely made from marble, with all of the columns and shafts being fully sculpted. While the building itself today is in ruins after natural disasters and attacks from rival peoples, however, the foundations and pillars show the size and grandness. The beauty of the relics and parts of the temple have been noticed from all over the world with pieces being displayed in the London British Museum.

From the Opulent Temple of Artemis to the humble Home of Virgin Mary. This small house in a quiet part of the Selcuk region was the home to Mother of Jesus, however, her home is only a little extravagance, a food preparation room, a living and sleeping space and an altar for prayer. The house is often part of pilgrimages for the Christian faith.

Isa Bey Mosque is a stunning example of Seljuk architecture. Designed for one of the leaders of the region, it has a unique building shaped, ranging from octagonal bases, large decorative domes and large open interior. Originally there were two minarets, today one has been completely destroyed with the other missing the top opening itself to the elements.

Overnight in Selcuk or Kusadasi


Today you will travel to Pamukkale. You spend time heading through the wonderful countryside when you arrive for a buffet lunch will be served before heading the natural pools.

The stepped pools filled with warm water offer a perfect place to stroll while enjoying the view. These pools were created by warm mineral-rich waters flowing from underground, slowly creating the travertine rock formation. The formation takes on a look of fluffy cotton, which is where they gained the name Pamukkale which translates as ‘Cotton Castle’.

After Pamukkale, you will head to the Hierapolis ancient city. This World Heritage site is the location of a collection of ruined buildings. One of the best preserved and impressive parts of Hierapolis is the theatre, built in two stages, the first part was destroyed in an earthquake destroyed. The second section was built by carving out a part of the hillside which made the whole structure stronger, today you can walk among the seating and view the stage. In the town, there is a unique form of water transportation, the Nymphaeum. A shrine of nymphs which was also the point where water was distributed through the city using a network of pipes.

The waters at Pamukkale were considered to have healing qualities, because of this there were people from all around came to Hierapolis to live while they waited for their ailments to be cured by the waters. While some got better naturally, many had illnesses that could be healed at the time, this led to many deaths in this city. Today we can see some of the graves that were created in order to lay these people to rest, the necropolis outside the city shows where everyone was laid. The designs for their final resting place was based on their status and wealth, with; simple graves for common people, sarcophagi for the wealthy, circular Tumuli for those who were considered wealthier. The only exception were family graves where vaulted chambers and monuments were built as there would be multiple people together.

When your tour comes to an end you will be transferred to your transportation of choice, Denizli Bus station or Denizli Airport.

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