Tersane Island (Dockyard)

Dockyard (Tersane) Island offers a little of everything, from ruined Greek houses to Seljuk/Ottoman remains, sunken ships and of course, the dazzlingly clear blue waters filled with exotic sea life are ideal for swimming and snorkelling. Dockyard Island is the largest in the Gulf of Fethiye, it was once populated by Greeks, but since the population exchange in 1923 the island has remained empty and the once pretty homes have fallen to ruin. Today you can wander through the deserted building which are scattered across the island.

Dockyard Island was originally known as Telandria but the name was changed to Tersane, meaning dockyard, during the First World War when the Ottoman Navy began to use the shallow, well-sheltered bay of the island to construct their battleships. Today it is possible to swim and snorkel in the calm waters and see the remnants of the Seljuk dockyard. Ancient tombs, churches and boathouses can also be found on the seabed so don't forget your mask and snorkel! This is said to be the only remaining ruin of its type left in Turkey and a fantastic spot to explore.

Dockyard Island is one of the locations visited on 12 Island Day Cruises, other stunning locations include Tarzan Bay, Cleopatra's Bath and Flat Islands

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