Sardis was once the capital of the ancient kingdom Lydia, which was one of the most important cities in the Persian Empire. Sardis was greatly important due to its military strength, location on the Aegean coast and its fertile plains. Its location near the Pactolus River, which contained specks of gold, rapidly increased the wealth of the King of Lydia. It is thought that coinage was created here, making Sardis a bustling trade centre.

The town remained under the Persians control, until 334 BC when Alexander the Great took over the city. In 17AD an earthquake destroyed many of the buildings, which were later rebuilt by Tiberius. The ruins of the ancient city are now scattered around the area.


The Havra is an impressive synagogue, both in its size and geometrical mosaic decorations. There used to be a hamam and gymnasium in a grassy area, directly next to the synagogue.

Other places to visit in the region include Pergamon, Ephesus and Sirince

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