Saklikent translates as 'Hidden Valley'. Located just a 45-minute drive from Fethiye, incredibly Saklikent Gorge was only discovered by local villagers quite recently and the national park was established in 1996.

At 300 metres deep and 18 kilometres long, it is the longest gorge in Turkey and the second largest in Europe. The gorge itself is so steep and narrow, that the sun cannot heat the water and it remains ice-cold even during the hot Mediterranean summers. So far 16 caves have been discovered throughout the canyon, which is thought to have been created from thousands of years of water abrasion on the rocks.

Walking up through the gorge and you will reach a quaint town, where you can taste fresh trout in traditional Turkish restaurants. From April to October, it is impossible to walk the entire trail of the canyon. Tubing is a popular sport here, you can enjoy the fantastic scenery as you float upon the chilly river making stops at the mineral-rich mud baths on your way. Rafting and canyoning are also available here for the adrenaline seekers.

You can reach Saklikent Gorge by car, bus or Jeep Safari from Fethiye and the Ancient City of Tlos lies just 4 kilometres northwest of the park.

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