Red Island

Red Island (Kizilada) is a popular day-trip destination and stopping point on 12 Island day Cruise itineraries. Red Island is situated in Fethiye's harbour, just 4 nautical miles from Calis beach which is a popular tourist resort on the mainland where you can find accommodation for your stay in Fethiye. Boats usually anchor in the bay so passengers can jump or slide into the cool turquoise water and swim to the sandy beach. If you prefer you can also be taken ashore by dinghy to explore the island.

The islands' highest point is at 133 meters above sea level, the southern side is uninhabited and the only building is a lighthouse and a small house for the lighthouse keeper and his family. The lighthouse serves as a beacon to shipping traffic at the entrance to Fethiye harbour. From the foot of the lighthouse, there are also stunning views over the bay towards Fethiye and to other nearby islands.

The surrounding rocks are also popular with local fisherman and serve as good entrances and exits for divers. The crystal clear waters host a variety of sea life; colourful fish, octopuses and sea urchins, as well as brilliant coral reefs and sponges. The convenient entrances and calm waters make the waters around Red Island ideal for diving, swimming and snorkelling.

There are many more excellent swimming and diving locations along Turkey's Turquoise Coast, many of which can be reached with a Blue Cruise from Fethiye to Kekova; Aquarium Bay, Tarzan Bay and Blue Cave are some of the highlights of the region.

The best time to see Red island is at sunset when the rays of the sun illuminate the rocks and sand with a reddish glow, this is why Red Island received its name.

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