Pierre Loti Hill

This wonderful viewpoint has a commanding view over Istanbul. Facing towards the Golden Horn of the Bosphorus waterway, many choose to spend time drinking a tradition tea or coffee at the cafe on the hill to take in the View.

The hill was named after a French writer who specialised in impressionistic style writing. After visiting Istanbul for the first time in 1876 as an Officer on a French ship felt impressed by the Ottoman way of life. He proceeded to visit the city many times in his life, which he reflected upon during his writing. During his time in Istanbul, he lived in the Eyup area, which includes the hill. While he visited Istanbul for the personal pleasure he also was given different official positions which gave him the ability to meet the Sultan. After supporting the resistance in Anatolia and directly criticizing the French military and their occupation at the time.

Thanks to his writings of Istanbul, his support of the people, and his criticisms of the western lifestyle he was given the title of Honorary citizen of Istanbul and a street and café in the Eyup district were named after him.

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