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Marmaris is a natural harbour city on the Mediterranean coast and many Blue Cruises start/finish here.  In summer the population of the town rapidly increases from an estimated 18,000 to nearly 300,000, with tourists making their way to the town. Marmaris is most well known for its active nightlife, which would rival most Mediterranean tourist destinations.  There are also regular ferry services from the port to several Greek Islands.

It is not clear when Marmaris was founded; however, it was part of Caria in the 6th century. Since 3000 BC there was a castle in Marmaris, Alexander the Great invaded the city and the townspeople attempted to burn down the castle before fleeing. The invaders repaired the castle and used it to their strategic advantage.

Surprisingly, Marmaris is famous for its fishing trips, which are amongst the most popular tours in Marmaris Turkey. There are plenty of day trips from Marmaris Turkey. If you need any travel advice don't hesitate to contact us. The tourist attractions in turkey Marmaris are brilliant, including national parks, shopping, and castles. Summers are dry and hot, but even when it is raining in Marmaris, you can still enjoy the outstanding natural beauty. Fethiye is not too far and is a pleasant 2-3 hour drive from Marmaris, visit our Fethiye tours page for more information on the coastal town.

The castle was completely rebuilt in 1522 by the Ottoman Sultan, Suleyman the Magnificent, to serve as a base for his campaign against Rhodes. Renovation work has been ongoing since 1979 and has now been converted into a museum. The museum contains several galleries, a large exhibition hall and a courtyard.

Marmaris has numerous night clubs, both on its waterfront and along the infamous Bar Street. The seafront really is the place to go after sunset! Many bars will have a Turkish night once a week in which you can see Turkish Belly dancers, folk dancing, and other regional dances performed. Most of the bars down on Bar Street are open from 7 pm to at least 4 am daily, with the most popular being Back Street, Areena, Crazy Daisy and Greenhouse. These four have international DJ’s, elevated dance floors, and laser shows.

Datca is a small harbour town connected to the mainland, by a small isthmus only a few hundred metres in width. It is a popular spot for many tourists, because of its large bays and undiscovered beaches. If travelling to Datça from Marmaris, you will find remarkable flora and fauna scattered along the road.

Datca has nine villages spread across its peninsula, most of which have small piers and jetties, accompanied by long beaches. The settlement pattern for these small villages was dependent on their safety from the sea since there was a sizeable problem with pirates in the area. These pirates remained a grave problem until the early 20th century, especially during the weakening of the Ottoman Empire, and often required international intervention.

Today, the people of Datca make a clean living by growing and selling produce, including olives, almonds, honey, in addition to garden fruits and vegetables.

The picturesque seaside towns of Fethiye and Bodrum are only a short distance from Marmaras and Bus services connect them along the coast. 

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