King Valley

Kings Valley is one of the lesser-known in the region and maintains its Cappadocian authenticity and agriculture. It sits above Goreme Village which is the most popular place to stay in the Cappadocia region with good transport links and accommodation in Cave Hotels. You can walk through the valley along a clear path with fairy chimneys towering overhead. Look out for hidden tunnels and troglodyte caves cut into the volcanic tuff.

Marvel at rock-hewn churches, their stone walls are still decorated with beautiful frescoes although some have been damaged by time and weather. Some of the best-preserved frescoes can be found in Dark Church, Apple Church and Snake Church; all are located in the Goreme Open Air Museum.

To reach the valley head uphill from Goreme Village, it is a short walk and at the top of the hill you can ride in a wooden wagon into the Kings Valley, the trip meanders through a wild rock forest and allows stunning panoramas over Cappadocia's lunar landscape. Kings valley is also a great location for Quad or Mountain Biking as well as hiking, the valley is connected to other gorgeous valleys. At the entrance to the valley is the Kelebel Hotel, one of the first Cave Hotels to open in the Cappadocia region, Day Tours often stop here for a traditional Turkish buffet breakfast or lunch. 

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