The city of Kars found in north-west Turkey, the region is filled with history with the modern city blended together. Kars is the largest city on the Turkish side that is close to the Armenian border. The city has been the capital twice in history, once it was the capital of the medieval Kingdom of Armenia and today it is the capital of the Kars province. For Kars Turkey tourism packages, and more details on the region, you can visit our Kars Eastern Turkey tours page. Some of the tours we offer include 2 day Istanbul to Kars and 3 day Istanbul to Mt. Ararat.

The early history has very little-known information, one of the only facts that are known from the early time is that it had its own dynasty of Armenia. During 928 and 961 the town's cathedral was known as the Church of the Holy Apostles. 963 Saw the seat of power for the Armenian Bagrantunis transfer to Ani leaving Kars to become the capital of an independent state called Van and, the title was transferred back to Kars after the Byzantine Empire conquered Ani. The Seljuk Turkeys who took over the city decided to allow it to govern themselves as an emirate.

In 1242the region was conquered by Mongols however it was recovered by the Georgian Military. The region them passed into the Timur control followed by Anatolian Beyliks. Ottoman and Safavids spent time attempting to conquer the different regions. Kars fell under Russian Control following the Battle of Kars the region was brought back under Ottoman control.

Places of Interest
Kars Citadel overlooks the city of Kars from its rocky hill dating back the Armenian Bagratuni period, around the build crosses and inscription can be found.

Church of the Apostles, originally a church for Armenian Christians it was converted into a museum for entertainment before being converted again into an active mosque.

Ani ancient city, the remains of a once prosperous and busy city now left to ruin after the war and natural disaster.

Kars and the surrounding region offer an amazing time looking at a place in history that has seen many cultures come and go. Why not take a tour with Alaturka and experience something new?

Destinations in Kars

Ani Harebeleri Halaskar Church Ebul Manucehr Mosque Cildir Lake Cheltikov Hotel Cathedral of Kars Revenue Office and Russian Consulate Governor's Office Evliya Mosque

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