Hasankeyf is an old town filled with numerous cultures history dating as far back as Middle Bronze age where it was likely part of the Hurrian Kingdoms as their rule was spread over the region. During the Roman reign, the city was known as Kepha and was home to legionaries due to its closeness to the Persian Empire, with Kepha becoming the province capital. Following the death of Emperor Julian the neighbouring region was lost to the Persian King along with five other areas, this left the area with towns of Roman legionnaires and populace that were set to protect the certain area, with this city being the seat of power by Commander of the Legio II Parthica. Writings from the era show that the region and town become prosperous with new buildings and councils taking place.

Arab forces have conquered large portions of Mesopotamia, ancient Syria and Ancient Iran by the 630s followed by their expansion into Armenian lands, during this endeavour they conquered Hasankeyf. During the following generations, it was riled by different dynasties. Following 1102 Seljuk Turks and their allies began moving into Western Armenia defeating Byzantine forces in major battles leading to the controlling large parts of Anatolia and northern Mesopotamia, pairing with their control of Diyarbakir the region became prosperous through the control of trade. In 1204 the successor in the region joined families with the ruler of Harran, allowing for both to work together to expand their territories. This led to many battles and wars in the surrounding regions of their control.

After the expansion of the Seljuk empire and the various sons were given the governorship of provinces there began an instability of the regions creating power struggles for the dynasty. During the power struggle in 1255 Mongol army came to conquer or destroy remain Muslim states in southwest Asia. A large portion of the region bowed to the Mongol forces, eventually, the Ayyubid dynasty took control until 1514 saw the rise of the Ottoman Empire gave way for modern Turkey.

Places of Interest
Throughout the region, there are remnants of a variety of different cultures, some leaving significant ruins and monuments behind.

The Old Tigris Bright, built-in 1116 to replace an older unused bridge, Today sees the middle sections of the bridge gone however the good work of the build and modern care it sees the bridge remain standing.

Citadel, a fortified position that offers an unparalleled view of Hasankeyf below.

Great Palace built by the Artukids dynasty, unique to this mosque is a squared-off tower that may have been used as a watchtower.

Zeynel Bey Mausoleum is found on the opposite bank of the Tigris. It was named after Zeynel son of Uzun Hassan after dying in the battle for the Akkoyunlu Dynasty.

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