Hadrian's Gate

Hadrian's Gate is possibly the most famous historical structure in Antalya, the triple gate is a majestic entrance to the Kaleici or Old town. Now host to many bars, Hotels and souvenir stalls Antalya's Old Town was once the city's inner citadel. Hadrian's Gate is situated in the centre of Antalya by the Ataturk Boulevard and Hadrian tram stop and is one of the top sights in the city. The ancient monument dates back to 130 AD and makes up part of the protective city walls. The name reflects a significant moment for the city when, in the 2nd century AD, the Roman Emperor Hadrian paid a visit to Antalya.

The impressive Roman arches are just over 4 meters wide and 6 meters high, although with the thick stone frame the total height is about 8 meters. The arches are framed by 4 marble columns on either side with richly decorated floral cornices'. Interestingly the two towers which stand on either side of the gate are not from the same period. While the southern tower, the Tower of Julia Sancta, was built at a different time to the gate but still during in the Roman era, Only the base of the northern tower is from Roman times; the majority is a reconstruction made by Seljuk Turks.

More Roman relics can be seen at the Antalya Museum and at the nearby ruins of Perga

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