Dogubeyazit is an east Turkey fortress town found close to the Iranian border, it resides in the Agri province which is Turkey’s most eastern province. The area is found approximately 1600m above sea level offering fantastic views and highlighting its perfect placement for battle with its defensible position and long-distance field view.

The backdrop to the region offers amazing mountain views, with Mount Ararat being seen in the distance with its snow caps and open planes below.

During History Dogubeyazit is thought to have been the major town with it being the best to cross from Iran into the Anatolian region. The City was run primarily by Armenians who names it ‘Daruynk’, during the 4th century a group called Sasanians attempted and failed to take the city. Due to its location and constant risk the following prince that resided here made new changes to the fortifications.

In 922 AD it became the home and power centre for a bishop office, however, after this time, it was conquered by the Persians, Armenians Byzantine, and Seljuks. After they had taken the city they were invaded by the Mongol forces. After taking the castle back from the Mongols a Turkish Warlord ordered for the city to be further fortified. Dogubeyazit remained under Turkic generals despite many of the surrounding regions falling under the Safavid control. The town remained this -way until the Ottoman-Persian war, 1821-1823 when it was taken by Qajar Iran. Dogubeyazit was taken on final time by the Russians during the Russo-Turkish wars, 1877-1878, the town was brought back under Ottoman rule when the Russian retreated.

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