Cold Spring Bay

Located close to Fethiye is a pretty unique bay. Cold Spring Bay is just as the name suggests, a bay with twin ice-cold freshwater springs that flow into it. Legends surround this stunning location and old stories say that long-distance sailors would travel to this bay and dive below the sea to search for the source of the freshwater. They would restock their ships with bottles with the icy water before continuing on their journeys. While sailors are no longer diving for drinking water, Cold Water Bay has remained a popular location for sailing and water sports. The clear water is ideal for swimming and snorkelling on a hot summers day, that's if you are brave enough to take the plunge!

You can reach the Cold Spring Bay with a 12 Island Day Cruise from Fethiye, which will also bring you to other breathtaking locations and prime diving spots such as Samanlik Bay and Cleopatra's Bath. You can have lunch on you Traditional Turkish Gulet boat or wander up a track behind the beach to a local fish restaurant. If you prefer hiking to swimming then you could follow a well-marked trail up through the pine tree coated hills for a fantastic view over the Turquoise Coast. Continuing on the same trail will take you over the valley to the Ghost Town of Kayakoy where you can explore the derelict Greek city, visit ancient Lycians tomb and catch a local bus back to Fethiye. 

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