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Bodrum is located on the southwest region of the Aegean Coast and is an international centre for tourism and yachting. The sparkling town is one of the main departure points for Blue Cruises to the Northern or Southern Greek Island or west along the Turkish Turquoise Coast. The surrounding coastline is made up of stunning beaches, caves and coves. Sunken ships lay beneath the crystal clear sea just outside the harbour and ancient ruins sit inside the town centre.

In summer bars and clubs appear throughout the town. Bodrum is best known for having the largest and loudest outdoor nightclub in the Mediterranean; Halikarnas, with a capacity of 5000 people and internationally known DJ’s tour throughout summer. However, the city still retains its Aegean character walking through the quaint streets you will find plenty painted white facades with bright blue doors and windows which are prime examples of Cretan architecture.

The history of Bodrum is long and complex, invasions and raids occurred frequently due to the city's position on the Asian Minor. Once called Halicarnassus, the modern-day Bodrum was built upon the ancient Greek city of Caria. It founded by the Dorian Greeks in 1000 BC, in the 6th century BC the Lydians took the city and later the Persians arrived and captured, not just Halicarnassus but the entire southwestern Anatolia, previously known as the Carian Region. In 377 BC, Mausolus, of the Carian people, retook the region and began the process of constructing many buildings about the city, the most significant being the Mausoleum which took 5 years to construct. In 334 BC Halicarnassus came under the rule of Alexander the Great and the city has since been occupied by the Roman Empire, Seljuk Turks, the Ottomans and finally it became the Bodrum that we know today.

Bodrum has a fantastic public transport system with bus connections to neighbouring cities of Marmaris and Fethiye, daily ferries to Greece and an international airport.


Castle of St Peter
In 1402 the Ottoman Empire was thrown off balance, by the invasion of the Tamerlane. At this point, Bodrum was captured by the Knights Hospitaller based in Rhodes. They built a castle of St Peter; this castle soon became a storage place for booty collected from underwater archaeology missions. It is now Bodrum’s Museum of Underwater Archaeology. It is now classified as the most important underwater museum in the world. There are also spectacular views from the Battalions.

The castle also hosts several festivals throughout the year.

The Mausoleum of Mausolus is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Mausolus ruled Caria for the Persians from 377 to 353 BC. When he passed away his wife undertook construction of a tomb and monument in his honour. It was a temple-like structure, decorated with relics and statuary on a massive base. The Mausoleum consisted of a white marble tomb, topped with a stepped pyramid.

Unfortunately, the Mausoleum was broken up by crusaders in 1522, with the pieces being used as building materials.

Today the site has pleasant gardens, with only a few pre-Mausoleum stairways, tomb chambers, the Mausoleum drainage system, the entry to the tomb chamber, small parts of the wall and some marble columns remain.

A charming coastal town that lies within the Bodrum Peninsula. Turgutreis boasts the largest bay in the region, with many beautiful beaches, extensive olive groves, a busy local market ideal for purchasing handicrafts and souvenirs, a budding marina, top quality restaurants and lively nightlife. Turgutreis is also known as the best sunset spot in the peninsula. More Info...

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Turgutreis Milas

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