Aspendos is 47 kilometres outside of Antalya, the ancient city hosts the best preserved Roman theatre of the ancient world. Aspendos was once a part Pamphylia, founded around 1000 BC by Greeks. Coinage from Aspendos was widely spread, indicating that in the 5th century BC Aspendos was the capital city in Pamphylia, earning its wealth from salt, oil and wool. The city is situated 15 kilometres from the sea but trade ships were able to access the harbour via the Koprucay River.

Aspendos boasts an excellent example of a Roman amphitheatre, it is approximately 96 meters wide and can seat about 7000 people. Thought to be built during the reign of Marcus Aurelius and designed by a man named Zeno, legends say that the young architect built the theatre with the aim of pleasing the king and winning the hand of the beautiful Princess. According to the stories, Zeno's plan was successful and the pair were married inside the theatre itself.

Until now Aspendos amphitheatre has remained in almost perfect condition and mostly untouched by the raids and invasions that frequently troubled the region. The structure boasts excellent acoustics. Each year, in the summer months, both local international performances, concerts and festivals are held inside this unique venue.

There are several other ancient structures throughout the site of Aspendos, including a stadium, agora and basilica. There is also a trail that you can follow to view the ancient aqueduct system. Around Antalya, there are many well preserved archaeological and historical site and you may also like to visit the Ancient City of Termessos or Perga

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