The city of Artvin is located in north-eastern Turkey, approximately 30km inland from the Black Sea, it sits on a large hill overlooking the stunning Coruh River with the Deriner Dam nearby. Although the city and region have a rich history its mysteries of the past have not been studied as fully as others in recent decades however it is home to the Artvin Coruh University.

The region was contested by Selcuk Turks and the Georgian Kingdom for a generation with both taking control from each other until 1502 when it was conquered by Safavids following Mongol invasions weakening both Kingdom of Georgia and Selcuk Turks. The Ottoman Empire brought the region under their control under Sultan Mehmet II with it being fully secured in 1551 with a new castle for the region. This control lasted for 250 years until Russia started vying for control in which the Ottomans and Russia fought back and forth 1828 finally coming to a total stop in 1878, with minor times of peace during. At the end of WWI, the Ottomans were on the losing side which led to British troops moving into the area in 1918, swiftly followed by the Republic of Georgia. Eventually, the Treaty of Kars saw the region pass to Turkey in 1921.

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Hopa Coruh Valley

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