Ani Cathedral

Once an Armenian city the city of Ani stands in ruins near the border of Armenia in the Turkish province of Kars. During one of the high points of the Armenian Kingdom, it was the capital between 961 and 1045 when the kingdom spanned from Armenia to eastern Turkey. The city was renowned for its splendour and beauty, which led to armies of other culture attacking, one of the most devastating was in 1236 when the Mongols. However, in 1319, the city was hit by a powerful earthquake which reduced the city to that of a village, eventually, it was abandoned and by the 17th century, it was all but forgotten.

The city was rediscovered in the 19th century by European travellers who documented and published their findings. While the small private buildings are mostly destroyed with only rubble left the large-scale grand buildings and the outer double wall have been preserved. The city of Ani is considered to be one of the most prominent evidence and example of the height and grandeur of the ancient Armenian Kingdom.

Today the ruins are open to the public, as the site is significant in size compared to main ruins around the world many suggest taking time to explore the monuments. The site offers a look into the heritage of the local populace, here you will find a beautiful Cathedral that has maintained its size and build despite the many earthquakes. Other monuments have not fair as well, however, what is left shows the stunning builds, such as the church of the Holy Redeemer which suffered damage following a storm with the build split into two with only the eastern half remaining standing.

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