8 Day Classical Turkey Tour

  • Classical Turkey 8 Day Tour
  • Classical Turkey 8 Day Tour

Classical Turkey 8 Day Tour

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A tour starting in Istanbul and seeing the iconic landmarks that makes the old city mesmerising, to head to the ancient cities of Ephesus and hiearapolis, of which stands near the beautiful stepped pools of Pamukkale with their white limestone falls. Before returning to Istanbul the tour goes to Cappadocia which is breathtaking with the natural rock formations that ancestors in Turkey carved out into unique homes.


Welcome to Turkey!

Upon arrival, you will be picked up from the airport and transferred to your hotel. You will also get to meet your guide and driver who will be your travel companions for your Turkey private package tour.


This morning you will be picked up from your hotel to start your Turkey private tour with a tour of Istanbul.

You will see some of the most iconic landmarks of both old. A famous sight in Istanbul is Topkapi Palace for nearly 400 years was the administrative building of the Ottoman Empire. Being part of one of the most powerful empires in the world this palace is an important historical monument for which this Palace stands proud.
Another Famous location for both Turks and Christian is Ayasofya or Hagia Sophia, this museum was once a Byzantine Church to later become a mosque after the Ottomans took the city. After conquering Constantinople, Istanbul’s previous name, the Sultan of the time ordered traditional Islamic addition be made. This adaptation was seen in four minarets and a dome, this dome, however, is unique as being one of the only that the shape curved down to squared off shape to match the piers below. While being aesthetically pleasing it also evens out the load weight something that was unusual for the time period.  

The Blue Mosque or Sultanahmet Mosque, a majestic place of worship with six elegant minarets and series of domes highlights the difference between traditional and modern Turkish style. The Hippodrome and Obelisks were once the arena for chariot races, now the obelisks that stood within now stand tall in the open square outside the Blue Mosque.
The Grand Bazaar is a traditional Turkish market however it is built under cover allowing it to be open all year. Within its lanes, there are 4399 shops, 497 stalls, 2195 workshops and 18 fountains.

Optional: Bosphorus Dinner Cruise Istanbul. Enjoy an evening of delicious Turkish food, while you take in the sights from aboard your boat. The evening’s entertainment includes Belly Dancing, Turkish Folk Dance and a professional whirling dervish show. The landmarks that reside along the Bosphorus including iconic palaces and places of worship like Dolmabahce and Ortakoy Mosque. These can all be seen while sailing the iconic Bosphorus river while passing under beautiful bridges from different periods of history.


The third day of your Turkey tour will see you head to Kusadasi/Selcuk, there will be a stopover in Bursa where you will visit some unforgettable places and have some lunch. After Bursa, you will continue to Ephesus.

When arriving in Bursa you will be visiting some of the destinations that make it a well-known city all across Turkey. The city of Bursa has gained the name ‘Green Bursa’ due to the city having plenty of parks as well as other foliage to make nature have its place in the city. Many of the famous icons of Bursa were built or have taken on the colour green in keeping with the name.

The Green Mosque and Green Tombs are prime examples of beautiful architecture that helped give the name ‘Green Bursa’ to the city.  Sultan Mehmet I commissioned the mosque to be built during the decoration so of the period's great painters were charged with adding their style to it, eventually with a grand artist with specially decorated tiles. The Green Tomb was built for Sultan Mehmet the I but his successor Mehmet II. Being built close to the Green Mosque it was decided to keep Mehmet I style and use green decorated tiles to make this mausoleum one of the most ornate.

Overnight stop in the town of Kusadasi/Selcuk, in the Ephesus region.


Today your Turkey Private tour will continue with a Tour of Ephesus, followed by a journey to Pamukkale.

Ephesus is the highlight of today's Turkey tour. Here you will be able to see some of the best-preserved ruins. While reduced to ruins today, this city was one of the largest of the time, especially so in the region with the suggestion that there were 200,000 people living here 3000 years ago. During the height of its prosperity, it was said to be only second to Rome in the Empire. 

Prior to entering the city, you will notice there is an unusual building nearby, this was the dockyards as when the city was growing it was a coastal city that used the harbour for trading and warships, however now the coast is seven km away!
In this ancient city, there is much to see, starting with the open marble street offering a look at how grand the whole city would have looked when it was a living city. This street connects many of the iconic buildings across this once great city.  The Library of Celsus was one of the largest collections of information, while today the library is only a facade due, to earthquake destruction, the grandeur is not lost.

Continuing along the marble street you come to many remnants including ancient latrines and baths. Hercules gates can be found standing on the main street with the Memmius Monument just off the path after the gate. As can be seen from the ruins this city would have been part of a dense population which offered all amenities such as temples, brothels and libraries.

Humble and quaint by modern standards, the house of the Virgin Mary is what the mother of the Jesus would be living in.  Inside you will find a shrine to Mary, outside makes for a peaceful destination to relax at.

Overnight in Pamukkale.


Optional: Hot Air Balloon Pamukkale, these morning flights offer stunning views over the pools and the ruins, all while the sun is rising.

Optional: Paragliding Pamukkale, over the beautiful rock formations seeing the area as only the birds do.

Translated Pamukkale means ‘Cotton Castle’, here are natural stepped pools filled with mineral-rich pools predominantly chalk, limestone and travertine. The water that fills these pools comes from a hot spring giving the water a pleasant warmth to it as you walk around. These stunning steps have put Pamukkale on the World Heritage list for its beauty and uniqueness.

Following your time at Pamukkale, you will head to the ancient town of Hierapolis. There are many ruins to see here primarily from the Roman empire. Arts and religion were important to the Roman people this lead to their theatres and temples are well built. The Roman theatre was built twice, once it was destroyed before a hollow being cut from the mountain. To this day most of the stage, seating and VIP areas can still be seen.

There are two places of worship that can be found here, one is the Temple of Apollo, only the foundations are left now but it is easy to see the size of the building. The second it the Plutonium, a small cave, with room for only one. Due to the fast-flowing water further in the cave and the toxic as it was thought that the god of the underworld sent it and those who managed to survive had divine protection.  Outside the main areas of Hierapolis, you can find one of the best-preserved necropolis in Turkey Spreading across two kilometres and homes 1200 tombs.

The journey from here will take you to Cappadocia, this part is a peaceful natural landscape almost totally untouched by man. The only dwellings are crude mud huts forming small hamlets. Travelling this countryside offers a window into the past and what would have been seen by travellers of old.

Travel to and stay overnight in Cappadocia


Optional: Hot air balloon Cappadocia, these flights are chosen by many people to view the sunrise over Cappadocia from the stunning heights, with the added extra of a glass of champagne. This will cost extra.

North Cappadocia Tour

Today’s Turkey Tour is a chance to explore the unforgettable landscape of Cappadocia. This natural landscape feels faintly magical with the fairy’s chimneys in Devrent valley. The view of the valleys and the rock formations are spectacular but from the rise of Goreme, there is a panoramic view that should leave anyone astounded. The town of Avanos is a step back to tradition, this town is famous for its classical earthenware pottery that dates back to the time of the Hittites. Avanos is beautiful in its traditional style, with cobbled streets and views of the river that the locals collect their much-needed clay from.

From the traditional, you will experience the ancient. The village of Cavusin is an ancient maze of rock houses. In this town the Church of John the Baptist which even now is beautiful to behold. Belha Monastery is an unusual archaeological discovery, there is not much information regarding its usage and history before being used as a Christian monastery.

One of the most famous sights of Cappadocia is the underground city. The populace of history carved out homes and other building from the fairy’s chimneys as their village. To give the population more room while keeping this style they started carving out long tunnels and rooms for use under the rock formations. An intended side effect but welcome one was that during times of war the locals used the tunnels of the city as a safe haven. While no one lives in them anymore, they are fascinating to explore.  

Optional: Turkish night show Cappadocia. An amazing collection of traditional dances and homemade Turkish food set in beautiful Cappadocia. Traditional Bride and Groom dance show, depicting the romance of Turkish couples including the chance to join the wedding dance. Folk and Belly dancing shows followed by Fire Dancers and Caucasian Dance.


Today you begin your return journey to Istanbul of your Turkey private tour.

Optional: Quad/ATV Safari, if time allows you can take an adventure in the beautiful landscape of Cappadocia with the hot air balloons taking flight overhead before continuing your journey.

During the journey, you will have a stopover at Lake Abant. This beautiful landscape is a perfect location for photos. Rolling green mountains with a wide variety of trees and foliage create many shades of green that end on the shore of a calm deep blue lake.

Overnight in Istanbul


Today you will be taken back to the airport as your Turkey private package tour has come to an end. We hope you had an unforgettable holiday and decide to come back and explore Turkey with us again.

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