12 Day Tour

  • Classical Turkey 12 Day Tour
  • Classical Turkey 12 Day Tour

Classical Turkey 12 Day Tour

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A fantastic tour starting in Istanbul that takes you across Turkey to visit some of the most memorable destinations including the Stunning Green Mosque of Bursa, or the ancient city of Ephesus. You will have the chance to walk in the natural and breathtaking landscape of Cappadocia where underground cities hide beneath the surface and fairies chimneys spire to the sky. A stop in the capital of Turkey offers a glimpse into how the country became what it has today.


Welcome to Turkey!

You will be greeted at the airport at transferred to your hotel ready to begin your Classic Turkey Tour.

Optional: Bosphorus Dinner Cruise. A night of enjoying superb food selection of fantastic foods with stunning views. While on board there is evening entertainment which includes Belly Dancing, Turkish folk shows. As you enjoy your evening meal and entertainment the landmarks of Istanbul will drift past with their nighttime lights showing their beauty.


Today you will begin your Private Tour of Turkey with time spent in the Old City of Istanbul.

As you experience Istanbul’s old city you will visit icons such as Topkapi Palace that is not only visually stunning but was used as the administration centre for the far-reaching Ottoman Empire for nearly 400 years. A part of the palace was home to the female member of the royal family, this harem ranged from wives, concubines all the way to the mothers and sister all shared the living space.

Now a museum, Aya Sofya or Hagia Sophia began as a church built by the Byzantine Empire. Following the conquest of Constantinople, the church was adapted for use as a mosque, this included adding traditional elements. Four minarets were added with the roof being adapted with a specially made connection to add a dome. As more mosques were built with this being used less with it becoming a tourist destination it was converted to show the history of the region and allow visitors to experience the wonder of this ancient building.

Close to Aya Sofya is the Blue Mosque, an elegant and stunning place of worship. Unique in its construction with six minarets and two sets of domes. Throughout hand-painted, blue tiles have given the mosque its name. The land is shared with a public park that has Obelisks that show the size of the Hippodrome that once stood on the land and would have been popular with the local populace to view games and contests.

The Grand Bazaar is a highlight whether you wish to shop or just enjoy the presence of the hustle and bustle of life moving around. 4399 shops, 2795 workshops and 497 stalls offer an expansive variety of items for sale. 18 Fountains can be found at key points to both add a moment of calm as well as using the flowing water as natural cooling.


Today you will enjoy a relaxing Bosphorus Cruise. As you make your way along the Bosphorus you will see some stunning landmarks that have played key roles in the history of the city. Rumeli Fortress was a landing point for Mehmet II army, as part of their preparation for besieging the city they built this fantastic defensive structure in only four months. Today the fortress is a popular photo destination with the city in behind and the Bosphorus flowing at the bottom. Along the waterway is the stunning Dolmabahce Palace. A beautiful royal residence which replaced the timber palace called ‘Besiktas Palace’ following its destruction caused by fire.

The Spice Bazaar is a pleasure for the senses, the hustle and bustle of stall owners calling out their wares, doing trades with the smells of dried and fresh herbs and spices. Small cafes offer traditional Turkish tea and coffee mean all the senses are engaged at once.

Following the busy bazaar, you will head to the top of Pierre Loti Hill, a serene hilltop with a viewing walkway that shows the beauty and vastness of Istanbul. From the top you can also see the Bosphorus and as far as the Sea of Marmara and its historic Peninsula.

On the water, you will pass many bridges that link the Asian and European side of the city but few are as famous as The Bosphorus Bridge, which is known as Ataturk bridge. It is the 4th largest in Europe and 7th largest of its kind in the world.

After you have finished your cruise you will begin travelling to your next destination, the historic city of Bursa. Here you will stay overnight ready for the city tour tomorrow.


Today you will wake up to this beautiful and historic city of Bursa, the first capital of the Ottoman Empire. You will tour the city visiting famous landmarks that have aided giving the name ‘Green Bursa’ to the city.

Along with the city having many natural tree and plant growing throughout, the architecture has been influenced by the unique Green Mosque. This place of worship was commissioned by Sultan Mehmet I, he wanted a mosque that was decorated by the periods best painters they hand painted thousands of tiles that gave the overall colour green to the building. Today there is also the Green Mausoleum which was commissioned by Sultan Mehmet II the successor to the original builder of the mosque. This mausoleum was a commission to keep the design style while giving the previous Sultan an opulent place to rest.

After visiting Bursa, you will travel to the town of Selcuk where you will stay overnight.

Today you will tour the Ancient city of Ephesus.

Ephesus is an ancient city that became famous for its well-preserved buildings. This ancient city would have been one of the largest of its time being home to up to 200,000 people around 300 years ago. At the height of its power, the city was considered second only to Rome capital of the Roman Empire.

When visiting the city, you will notice a strangely shaped building near the entrance, this building was once the great harbour for the city. In the past, the city had a coastal trading harbour, however, thanks to silting and the movement of the coastline the nearest coast is seven km away. Inside the city, many buildings remain standing while others have only a rough shape left to them. One building that is only a façade that is left but it one of the most famous in the town is the Library of Celsus, one of the 7 wonders of the Ancient world it.

As you walk the main grand street which ha the name Marble Street, you will see many different buildings that can still be seen to have done a particular job, the ancient latrines and baths. As you continued in the city there are many buildings that would have once have been a way to separate the town such as the Hercules gate. All around you will come across temples and small libraries as well as monuments such as the Memmius Monument.

The House of the Virgin Mary offers a look into the humble life of the mother of Jesus. Inside the home, there is a shrine area a living space and a small kitchen, outside there is almost only the sound of nature making it a peaceful place to visit.

You will stay the night in the Ephesus Region before travelling in the morning.
Today you will begin your day by travelling the beautiful Turkish land to Pamukkale.

The region of Pamukkale has attracted people from far and wide for many generations, one of the main beauty points is the stepped pools. Warm mineral-filled water fills the pools and slowly trickles down the steps leaving behind a chalk, limestone and travertine residue. This residue has built up over the years to create the ‘cotton castle’.

The natural beauty of the region did not only attracted visitor but it led to settlements and communities to develop. Hierapolis is an ancient town, ruins show the rough layout of the town with many of them coming from the Roman Empire. As the arts and religion were among the most important parts of life to the Roman populace there is a stunning theatre that had to be rebuilt twice. The rebuild allowed for much of the theatre to remain standing today.

In the area of Hierapolis, there are two main places of worship, The Temple of Apollo was once a large building however only the foundations are left. The other is called the Plutonium, this is a small cave only large enough for one person, further in the cave is fast flowing water and a toxic gas that was thought to have been sent by the good of the underworld. Outside the town of Hierapolis is one for the best-preserved Necropolis in Turkey measuring over two kilometres with approximately 1200 tombs.

Optional: Paragliding Pamukkale. Over the beautiful rock formations seeing the area as only the birds do.

You will stay in the Pamukkale region tonight.


Today you will begin with travelling to the city of Konya

Optional: Hot Air Balloon Pamukkale. Rise above the stepped pools and natural landscape to watch the sunrise, making a great start to any day. This will cost extra.

As you travel to Konya you will stop at the Sultanhani once an important stop on the caravan routes for stopping and resupplying as well as selling wares. Today it is considered one of the best ‘Hans’ to survive since the Seljuk period.

While here you will enjoy you, time exploring highlights from the centre of the city. This city is the home of the Whirling Dervish, a form of meditation and prayer to the Muslim god. One of the most important buildings in Konya is the Alaeddin Mosque. This place of worship was built around the 12th and 13th century. This mosque was built with the purpose to be the place that royalty came to use and gain the nickname ‘Mosque of the Throne.

As it is home to the Whirling Dervish there are many different schools dedicated to aiding those who wish to lean. Ince Minaret Medrese is a 13th century school constructed and designed by the Seljuk Sultanates constructed and designed to benefit those who need it.

Tonight you will stay in the Konya Region.


Today you will begin your day with travel to the stunning region of Cappadocia.

Today you will visit two popular destinations in Cappadocia. One of the most unique places to visit here is the Underground City. These cities were carved out of the landscape but the populace to allow full living in them, each of the sections would have had living space, storage, cooking as well as one part having stables for animals.

Heading back to the outside, you will tour Pidgeon Valley next. This Hiking path offers a variety of views all on one path, as you walk the valley you will notice small pigeon houses carved into the cliffs. These carved birdhouses were where locals stored their messenger pigeons, gathering the droppings to fertilise the crops they grew in the region. While they are no longer used as such now the carvings still remain prominent in the cliffside.

Optional: Quad/ATV Safari. If you have time why not take an adventure in the beautiful landscape of Cappadocia with the hot air balloons taking flight overhead before continuing your journey.

Here you will stay overnight.


Optional: Hot Air Balloon Cappadocia. A perfect way to begin a day, rising above this varied landscape to view the sunrise as you glide over with a glass of champagne in hand. This is. an early morning tour and will cost extra.

North Cappadocia Tour
Today you will visit some amazing sights that make Cappadocia an amazing place to explore. The North Tour (Red Tour) visits a collection of natural and man-made wonders. The Panoramic View of Goreme is one location that shows the stunning landscape from long cliff faces to the fairy chimneys that seem to spire from the ground.

Pasabag natural valley that is commonly called Monks Valley. Here they have the unique three-headed fairy chimneys with the viewpoint from here showing the breathtaking crazy landscape. Devrent Valley a vastly different destination, compared to the moonlike landscape with small fairy chimneys that have a point rather than the taller ones of other valleys.

Avanos is a town that resides in the northern section of Cappadocia and has been famous for its pottery as far back as 3000 BC. Traditional pottery shops can still be found scattered around the town that us the clay from the river that runs through the heart of the town.

Another unique natural landmark is the Three Beauties. These are three large fairies chimneys, two larger and one smaller, the stories say they represent a love of a princess and her husband which was not an approved choice with the child.

After your busy day, you will stay for one final night in Cappadocia


Today you depart Cappadocia for the capital of modern Turkey, Ankara.

This modern city is the capital of Turkey, after being moved from Istanbul following the downfall of the Ottoman Empire and the creation of the Republic of Turkey with its first leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. You will be visiting one of the country-wide famous mausoleums that are also a museum. Ataturk’s Mausoleum. Alongside the mausoleum section, there is a museum of War and Independence, which shows the fall of the Ottoman Empire and the rise of modern Turkey including Ataturk’s rise to power where he led the people to become more western leaving outdated thoughts behind.

After a look into Turkey’s history, you will stay in Ankara.


Today you will Journey back to Istanbul.

As you travel to Istanbul you will stop at a breathtaking natural sight, Lake Abant. This lakeside is nestled in a little-touched landscape with forests around, the walk around the lake is a perfect chance to relax in the wilderness before heading back to the city. Don’t forget to take pictures while you walk as some of the views will be something to never forget.

Arriving at Istanbul you will be taken to your hotel where you can relax.


Today you will be taken back to the airport as your Turkey private
package tour has come to an end. We hope you had an unforgettable
holiday and decide to come back and explore Turkey with us again.

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STANDARD: Standard style accommodation in Turkey is your where you will find basic style guesthouses and/or hostels that have a variety of private rooms and some dorm rooms. The rooms will be clean but basic with no extras found within. Most standard style accommodation options would be 1-2 star equivalent.
Type of accommodations at this range: Guesthouse, Boutique guesthouse, Hostels, 1* and 2* Hotels.

TOP END: Top End style accommodation in Turkey is where you will find 3-5 star equivalent. Here you will get a mix of larger style hotel rooms to smaller boutique places that will have clean, comfortable rooms with a little extra.
Type of accommodations at this range: Boutique Hotels, 3*, 4* and 5* Hotels.

PREMIUM: Premium Luxury accommodation in Turkey is your 5 star and similar hotels. This can include your large chain hotels and you will also find a variety of smaller locally run Luxury Boutique places that are full of charm and worth the extra dollar.
Type of accommodations at this range: Premium Boutique +4* and +5* Hotels.

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