Butterfly Valley Hotel Accommodation

Although Butterfly Valley is only accessible by boat (or by a very steep footpath leading down from the village high above), the village of Faralya is located just behind the valley and offers incredible views of this natural wonder. If you are walking along the Lycian Way or taking a drive along the southwest coast of Turkey, Faralya is the perfect spot to rest and enjoy the nature of this area. 

From Butterfly Valley, the nearby seaside towns of Oludeniz and Fethiye are easily accessible and it is also a guaranteed anchor spot for gulets cruising from Fethiye to Olympos and Olympos to Fethiye. The following accommodations will ensure that your stay in Faralya is comfortable and relaxing.  

Montenegro Motel Faralya  gulet cruise Guesthouse

Montenegro Motel

Located in the rural village of Faralya, Montenegro Motel offers simple bungalow accommodation with superb views of the Butterfly Valley and the Mediteranian sea.

Location : Butterfly Valley, Fethiye