8 Day Beautiful Histories Tour

  • Beautiful Histories 8 Day Tour
  • Beautiful Histories 8 Day Tour
  • Beautiful Histories 8 Day Tour

Beautiful Histories 8 Day Tour

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A tour that offers some of the best natural beauty, with a visit to Lake Abant, a nature park set around a lake with walking paths to enjoy the crisp mountain air. As well as the best Man made landmarks that make Turkey wonderful, tours of Istanbul to show the icons as well as some time in the Capital, Ankara. Cappadocia is a a stunning blend of natural, ancient and modern beauty, with the ancient under ground cities carved straight out of the unusual rock formations. This ancient dwellings now used as hotels offer comfort in a unique accomodation.


Today you will begin your Turkey tour adventure, you will be picked up from the airport and take to your hotel. You will get to meet your guide and driver who will be with you during your vacation. 


Today you will be visiting Istanbul’s Old City. Here you will find some of the country’s most iconic landmarks. Throughout history, the city of Istanbul, or Constantinople, has been sought after, conquered and defended all while those in power add their own additions and changes.  Nothing shows the changes throughout history more than the Aya Sofya, Hagia Sophia.

Aya Sofya was originally built as a Byzantium church after the Ottomans conquered the city they converted it into a mosque. Modern times has seen it be repurposed as a museum that shows the history of the building as well as items from Ottoman Empire.  
Topkapi Palace was constructed 10 years after the conquest of Istanbul, Constantinople. The Palace became the administration building for 400 years spanning different Sultan rulers until 1686 it remained the seat of power.

One of the most commonly known landmarks is the Blue Mosque, Sultanahmet Mosque, with its unusual structure and being an active mosque, it has become an icon globally. This mosque has a unique build style, with six minarets, five main domes as well as many other domes. In the Blue Mosque’s open park in front, there are Obelisks which were once part of the Hippodrome. As with sporting events throughout the Byzantium and Roman empire they were a hub of activity. The Hippodrome here was no different, here chariot races, animal fights, as well as other activities. Locals would come to watch while also betting large sums of money in the hope to increase their earnings.

When it comes to shopping Istanbul has the ultimate way, The Grand Bazaar. A traditional Turkish market style coved shopping centre that is massive, Within the Bazaar, are 4399 shops, 2195 workshops, 497 stalls and 18 fountains.

Optional: Bosphorus Dinner Cruise. An evening cruise sailing along the Bosphorus river, seeing sights such as the Dolmabahce and Ortakoy Mosque. As you sail you will enjoy an evening of Turkish food and entertainment including Turkish Folk dancers, Whirling Dervish and others.


Today your Turkey tour takes you to Lake Abant where you will have free time, followed by a journey to Cappadocia

Lake Abant is a beautiful natural landscape, with green mountains and deep blue water of the lake. This stop is a perfect step away from the busy streets of city life and a perfect destination for photos. Here you will have the opportunity to have lunch with the breathtaking view.

After Lake Abant you will travel to Cappadocia where you will spend the night.


Optional: Hot Air Balloon in Cappadocia. Rise before the sun and experience a wonderful morning watching the sunrise across this fantastic landscape. This tour will cost extra.

North Cappadocia Tour

The tour of North Cappadocia is a wonder of natural beauty. Its natural beauty is breathtaking as you explore this stunning landscape. Devrent Valley and Pasabag Valley, Monks Valley, are beautiful valleys that spread out in the Cappadocia. The Three Beauties these rock formations are a landmark for the town of Urgup. The stories say that the three rocks, two taller one smaller represents a runaway princess and her husband and child that was not approved of.

Goreme Esentepe viewpoint is located between Uchisar and Goreme. Here you can look over the town of Uchisar as well as the famous fairy chimneys as well as valleys. Goreme’s open-air museum homes a wide collection of items from churches, chapels. This museum is a highlight for both tourist and locals. As you tour the museum you will be astounded by the beautiful frescos that are well preserved.

The town of Avanos is famous for its pottery, whose industry back as far as 3000 B.C. The town has many small pottery workshops which are fascinating to watch these traditional masters at work. The clay pots made in this town use local materials from the river that comes from the river that flows through the town.


Today you will continue your adventure of Cappadocia as part of your Turkey package tour.

Today's tour the tour will continue with south Cappadocia, here you will see beautiful valleys that have been carved throughout the ages. Some have been inhabited and now make the valley just as beautiful, although using man’s ideal of beauty. Meskendir Valley offers a casual walk through the valley houses including a small church, complete with stunning red frescos, which has the ceiling carved into a cross formation.  Rose Valley is a beautiful yet agricultural place, where scattered vineyards which paths linking nearby villages and towns. These vineyards are still worked on by locals who usually don’t mind sharing a taste or have a friendly conversation. Red Valley is a stunning walk in a natural landscape of shades of red, from where it gained its name. The peacefulness combined with all of the different shades of red as well as other colours occasionally give a feeling of having the place to yourself.

Cavusin Village is a maze of houses carved directly into the rock formations. Being one of the oldest dwellings in Cappadocia makes the houses even more impressive to think they were dug out of the rock to create them. There is also a Church of John the Baptist which has been dated back to the fifth century.

Throughout the area there are underground sections to an overall city, the population created these cities as an escape and can be dated back prior to the 14th century. Within these breathtaking structures can be found most amenities you would expect a home, including stables in a few places. Your tour guide will have more information on the varying groups that inhabited these amazing structures.

Pigeon Valley may look a little like an ancient ruin but the carving here has been made by local farmers over the generations to use pigeon manure to fertilise their fields. The view from here makes you appreciate how well locals have mixed their lives with the natural flow of the land. Heading to the centre of Uchisar you will find the highest point offering outstand views of the surrounding areas. This rock formation is called Uchisar Castle and it’s a place most people never forget.

An unusual place that you will visit is Love Valley, with its phallic rock formations for which gained it the name. At these formations even, the landscape is having formed these formations from erosion. This valley is especially unusual even in an area with conical mushrooms, rock pillars and fairy chimneys.


Your Turkey package tour sees you travelling to Istanbul with a stopover in Ankara, before heading back to Istanbul.

Ankara is the capital of Turkey. This modern city has aimed to make it beautiful as well as functional. Here at this prestigious city, you will be visiting Ataturk’s Mausoleum. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was the foundation of modern Turkey, as is revered as an incredibly intelligent man that everyone should try and follow his example he laid out.

Your journey will continue to take you to Istanbul. Overnight in Istanbul.


Today you will be exploring the city of Istanbul, taking Two continents and Bosphorus cruise.

This tour of Istanbul will show you some of the best points across both continents, including a cruise along the Bosphorus that separates the continents. The Rumeli Fortress was built in 1452 in preparation to besiege Constantinople. What makes this fortress so impressive is that it took 3000 labourers and stone masons only four months to build, today their hard work pays off by offering one of the best views of the Bosphorus river.

The Dolmabahce Palace is built where the navy originally anchored when they were conquering Istanbul. Later a timber building and gardens resided on the area, called the Besiktas Palace before an unfortunate fire. The land was considered useless until Sultan Abdulmecit I decide to build the Dolmabahce Palace.

Although the river has many bridges crossing it the Bosphorus Bridge is unique due to being the 4th longest suspension bridge in Europe and the 7th in the world.

Pierre Loti Hill can be reached by cable car this vista from the top can show you a wide area including the Sea of Marmara, The Bosphorus, Historic Peninsula and islands. This view is a must to those visiting Istanbul.

Spice Bazaar is an amazing place full of different spice stalls offering everything from commonplace herbs to exotic spices. Most also sell traditional Turkish tea and coffee. Traditionally the Spice Bazaar would have also sold medicinal plants and drugs.

*Dolmabahce Palace is closed on Monday and Thursdays. Will be replaced with Chora Museum.
*Visiting the Spice Bazaar depends on time available


Today you will be dropped off at the airport. We hope you enjoyed your time travelling this wonderful country and hope you will return soon to discover even more of Turkey with us.

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