Backpacker Turkey Tours are dedicated to the solo adventurers out there, risking it all and escaping society to discover new places, more power to you! Backpacking throughout Turkey has for a long time been a very popular activity for young adventurous travelers. From trekking the Lycian way to walking in the footsteps of the Silk Road tradesmen from long ago, Turkey is one of the places where you truly never run out of places to see. Turkey is a very large country, and its unique cultural heritage has created an abundance of travel possibilities. 

From east to west, with the remarkable treasures of Istanbul city and the Bosphorus, to the fairy chimneys in Cappadocia, the mineral rich pools in the travertines of Pamukkale, or even in the far east Black Sea region of Trabzon, with Sumela monastery perched aside the mountains seamlessly integrated in the natural landscape. Our tours are all tailormade, that means no matter the budget, we can put together a tour that works for you.Aside from the landlocked portion of Turkey, there is a huge abundance of coastline, peppered with pristine world-class beaches that you can relax in. The southern coast is a go-to route for Backpackers, who usually start in Istanbul, and subsequently follow southwards via Ephesus and Troy, onwards to Fethiye and Olympos.

Visit Key highlights like Goreme Open air museum, Hagia Sophia, Kars, Mount Nemrut or Lake Van, amongst many more. Our range of services, be it with accommodation, bus transfers, domestic flights or ferries, are all available to you on your tour through Turkey.

The lycian way stretches around 509 kilometres in total, from Fethiye to Antalya, and is ideal for a true natural immersion. Follow up from a Blue Cruise along the Turquoise Coast on any of our return trips from Fethiye, and start your trekking journey right after. Along the Lycian way, from the like of Ovacik, Kas, Demre, Kemer. The first part of the route to Faralya is doable relatively easily and takes around 5 hours. The entire trail however is said to take up to 40 days to complete.There is an abundance of other trails to hike in Turkey, given the diverse cultures that have lived here in the past. From the Hittite trail, to the Carian trail, St Pauls trail, you will find well trodden roads, representing the routes of long passed tribes of people.