Alaturka offers a wide selection of Anzac Day 2020 official tours. Take time to explore the vast history that was made here in 1915, visiting not only the different landmarks of the two opposing sides but also visit other areas of Turkey. Those who are pressed for time and wish to pay homage to those who lost their lives here will enjoy a tour of up to two days, including the Dawn service for the fallen troops.

Memorials for both sides were erected, Chunuk Bair is a memorial to the New Zealand soldiers that fell during the battle this memorial was erected here for its commanding view as being on the of the highest points overlooking the ANZAC Cove. Lone Pine is an Australia Memorial location, this site was chosen as it was the site of a fierce battle where thousands lost their lives, the Turkish 57th Regiment is the final resting place for the primary regiment that fought at Gallipoli under Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. These monuments allow current and future generations to know that both sides suffered a huge loss of life to either fight to defends their land or fighting for what they believed in.

The memorials are not the only evidence of the battle that was fought, throughout the region trenches and no-mans lands can be found left untouched for visitors to experience. These trenches were where the deadlock of the battle primarily took place with the allied troops rarely making headway thanks to both Turkish preparedness and a lack of information out their positions.

Take a tour of Turkey that will see you visiting some of the best ancient cities, unique wonders and see some beautiful views. Istanbul is a modern delight offering a look into the historical past. Other destinations that be visited include the magical Cappadocia, Ancient Ephesus and beautiful Pamukkale. For a more relaxed time take a cruise from Fethiye to Olympos.

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Istanbul Gallipoli Troy Istanbul

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Istanbul Gallipoli Troy Pergamon Ephesus Pamukkale Fethiye Kas Olympos Cappadocia Istanbul

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Gallipoli Peninsula can be found on the North-West coast of Turkey, with the Dardanelles on one side leading up to the Sea of Marmara and the Northern section of the Aegean Sea on the other.  Easy road access to Istanbul with ferry links to Canakkale side of the waterway make it a popular place to visit. The stunning views as you head along the coast or take a ferry to add to the wonder of the peninsula. The beauty is punctuated with reminders of the history that was made here with unused defence buildings and memorials.

The Gallipoli Campaign or Battle of Canakkale (translated from Turkish) began on 17th February 1915 and came to an end on 9th January 1916. This campaign is considered the only major Ottoman victory of World War I. Despite this it is regarded moment in the nation's history, as a part of forming the Turkish War of Independence created the Republic of Turkey with Mustafa Kemal Ataturk as the president. Ataturk was a commander at the Gallipoli Campaign and can be considered to be among the leading reasons for their victory. Along with the Turkish independence growing from this, it is also commonly thought that it was the beginning of the Australian and New Zealand National Pride.

Following his time as commander, Mustafa Ataturk became the first president of the modern Turkish Republic. In 1934 Ataturk gave a speech where he reached out, as someone who experienced the battle and leader of a nation, to the mothers of the Anzac troops. During his speech, he spoke of the soldiers of both sides being equal, and now resting on friendly soil. He also spoke directly to the mothers of the fallen, saying to wipe away their tears as they are lying in their bosom in peace as one of their own as well.