Ani and Kars Day Tour

  • Ani And Kars Tour Ani and Kars Tour
  • Ani And Kars Tour Ani and Kars Tour
  • Ani And Kars Tour Ani and Kars Tour
  • Ani And Kars Tour Ani and Kars Tour

Ani and Kars Tour

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Take time during your stay in Kars to visit the ancient city of Ani, where remnants of an ancient city can be found, explored, and enjoyed. Lake Cildir is a wonder of natural lush environments and fantastic views across the lake. Kars city welcomes you to visit the Russian architecture and the Armenian churches that give the city its cultural history.


Today you will take time to explore the region that Kars resides in. You will begin your day with pick up from your hotel, begin your day with a tour of Ani.

The ancient City of Ani welcomes you, here you will take a guided tour of the ancient ruins. The ruins here are in different states of standing following the different armies attacking the city before it was abandoned. While walking you will have time to photograph the buildings which will include; Halaskar Church, Pictorial Church, Great Cathedral, and Ebul Menucehr Mosque.

Your next stop will be the stunning Cildir Lake. The beautiful lakeside destination is wonderful summer and winter alike. Summer sees a bustling lakeside with families enjoying the good weather and still waters. Here, Yellow Carp, is the speciality fish caught a served in local restaurants. In Winter the area is layered with snow and the water frozen over making a winter wonderland.

Returning to Kars you will explore this impressive city. An unusual blend of Russian and Ottoman style building are found all around following the contention and control of the city by the Ottomans and the Soviets until special accords were written. While delving into the historic buildings you will head to Alexander Nevsky Church (known as Fethiye Mosque), Cheltikov Hotel (a former physician’s house and hospital), Russian consulate, Revenue Office, and Governor’s mansion. You will also visit Armenian and Ottoman buildings of the old Armenian Church, Evilya Mosque and Kars Caste.

Following your day, you will return to your hotel in Kars.

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