Many people are attracted to the beauty and diversity of different holiday destinations in the world. One such favourite destination is Turkey. One of the main reasons why this country is very popular among tourists is that it is the only nation that belongs to two continents, Asia and Europe.
Aside from that uniqueness, Turkey is also home to some of the world’s greatest historical landmarks and the best beaches and resorts. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Turkey is a top tourist destination today and constantly voted one of the best countries to visit in the world.

The Beauty of Turkey
Turkey is steeped in both ancient and modern cultures and travelling here means experiencing some of the most inspirational and stimulating journeys in the world. Here, you will be able to see and enjoy the well-preserved sites developed by different empires like the Greeks, the Romans, the Byzantine, the Selcuk and the Ottoman. This is not to outshine the more recent history of Turkey including the Gallipoli Battle and then the modern attractions like Istanbul filled with great music, fashion and fascinating culture.

Turkey Attractions
There are many attractions in Turkey that visitors can enjoy with a customised Turkey tour like the following:
Ankara – This is the Turkish Republic’s capital and it is popular for mohair production.
Antalya – This is the Turkish Riviera’s capital and it is a great starting point for excursions to other locations like Perge, Olympos, Aspendos and Side.
Aphrodisias – This is the home of the Temple of Aphrodite and it boasts of marble ruins that stand in the middle of fertile fields in lush green valleys going to Pamukkale.
Bodrum – This is a city popular as a yachting port and resort because it resembles the St. Tropez of the French Riviera. Bodrum is also famous for the Castle of St Peter and the Mausoleum ruins.
Cappadocia – This region is made up of volcanic valleys and offers unique attractions in the form of cave homes and churches built into the volcanic rock. Hot air balloon rides are the most popular activities here.
Ephesus – This is the most well-preserved Greco-Roman ancient city in the whole of the Mediterranean and it once was Roman Asia’s capital.
Istanbul – This is probably the most popular Turkish city there is. The reason? This is the part of Turkey where Asia meets Europe. Attractions here include the Blue Mosque, the Topkapi Palace and the Hagia Sophia.

Why Choose  Customised Turkey Tours
There are many ways to enjoy Turkey and a customised tour is one. This is definitely an option we recommend for those who like getting off the beaten track and are known to be ones not to follow the pack when travelling. The Alaturka customised Turkey tours allows our clients to choose where they want to go, sites they want to explore and have a choice in accommodation they get to lay their heads. All the while having the full support of the Alaturka crew who can work to your budget and the time you want to travel. All of our customised tours can either be guided or non-guided and totally private or join other groups at times in the tour. The choices are endless and each tour will be totally customised to your group and their tastes.

Talk to us today about your needs and we will create an itinerary just for you!