Regardless of where your travel plans in Turkey take you, Alaturka can provide you with a number of accommodation options that range from standard hostels to high end five star hotels. Below you will find information for each option, including the level of quality, available amenities, and arrival information. 

Whether you need somewhere to stay either before or after your gulet cruise, or if you simply need a list of comfortable and reputable accommodation options for your stay in Istanbul, Alaturka has you covered in Istanbul, Fethiye, Marmaris, Bodrum, Olympos, Ephesus, and even on the Greek island of Rhodes.

Elite World  gulet cruise Hotel

Elite World

Elite World Van is located in the heart of Van with easy access to public transport and the tours of historic icons in the region.

Location : Van
Hotel Dosco  gulet cruise Hotel

Hotel Dosco

Hotel Dosco is amodern hotel using French-style rooms for comfort. Located in the heart of Van, easy access to public transport and historic icons such as Van Castle in the region.

Location : Van
Royal Berk  gulet cruise Hotel

Royal Berk

Royal Berk is located in the centre of Van. Modern styles offering a range of service with easy connections to historical icons and access to public transports.

Location : Van
Manici Hotel Sanliurfa  gulet cruise Hotel

Manici Hotel

Manici Hotel Sanliurfa, in the centre of the sacred city. A superb hotel for discovering the origin of the bible stories.

Location : Sanliurfa
Turkemen Konagi  gulet cruise Hotel

Turkmen Konagi

Turkmen Konagi is located in Sanliurfa, their traditional style blend perfectly with the rich history around.

Location : Sanliurfa
Elci Konagi Butik Hotel  gulet cruise Boutique

Elci Konagi Butik Hotel

Elci Konagi Butik Hotel is found in the ancient sacred city of Sanliurfa making it an ideal accommodation to start tours of the region.

Location : Sanliurfa
Katerina Sarayi Hotel  gulet cruise Hotel

Katerina Sarayi Hotel

Katerina Sarayi hotel was built during the Soviet Russian occupation of Kars and now stands as a beautiful top end accommodation.

Location : Kars
Kar's Hotel  gulet cruise Boutique

Kar's Hotel

Kar's Hotel in the ancient city of Kars, superb destination for exploring this ancient region. 

Location : Kars