Our 15 day itineraries are fantastically designed to help you explore everything Turkey has to offer. The tour packages you can find on this page will help you plan a trip to Turkey for the most incredible holiday of your life. With so much time to spend, one can only imagine the amount of wondrous history, amazing destinations, and ancient heritages that you will witness. Alaturka offers comprehensive 15 day tour packages that include blue cruises to get between destinations. Starting in Istanbul you will first experience the wonders of the western coast visiting the most important stops along the way such as Pergamon and Ephesus. Making your way East you will of course pass by Cappadocia to experience the lovely landscapes and scenery. Other destinations on the list may include Fethiye, Pamukkale, Antalya and more, so pick a tour to experience Turkey fully and create unforgettable memories. Below you can read about some of the places you will visit.

Istanbul was once the capital for the Roman, Byzantium and Ottoman Empires, today it remains the largest city in Turkey. A mixture of classic architecture and modern design work seamlessly to create a superb design. The Bosphorus splits the city with half in Europe and Half in Asia with influences from both sides it makes Istanbul a must-see city. 

is another must-see destination in TurkeyIn an extraordinary meeting of natures artistic splendor and human kinds resourcefulness, Cappadocia is one of those rare places that must be experienced at least 1 in a lifetime. With its soaring rock formations, uniquely rippled landscapes, splendid walking trails, mysterious underground cities, and rock-cut churches, Cappadocia is a must see destination in Turkey. An unforgettable way to tour Cappadocia is by Hot air balloon, the spectacular surrealistic landscaped combined with favorable flying conditions allow the balloons to drift gently over and between fairy chimneys. You will float above the pigeon houses in the unique rock formations, orchards and vineyards, through impressive valleys each with distinctive rock formations, colors and features, and then float up over ravines for breathtaking views over the region. Cappadocia is in Eastern Anatolia in the center of Turkey.

 literally translates to ‘Cotton Castle’  and became a UNESCO world heritage site along with the nearby ancient city of Hierapolis in 1988. Situated in the south east Turkey, the Hierapolis-Pamukkale park is exceptional by virtue of its superlative natural phenomenon. Warm, heavily mineralized water flowing from springs creating pools and terraces which are visually stunning, Pamukkale natural park is the focal point for the natural values of the site. It's surrounded area is mildly cultivated land with a mix of crops, pasture and some forest. Villages in the immediate are impress. The hot springs and travertine terraces surrounding the area used to be frequented by kings and emperors due to the healing properties ascribed to the waters. The thermal water maintains a relatively constant temperature of about 35 degrees Celsius so that a dip in the middle of November is not out of the question. Near to the natural sight are the ruins of the roman town of Hierapolis, the history of which followed the same course as many Hellenistic cities in Asia minor. The romans acquired full control of it in 129 BCE, and it prospered under its new rulers. Usually said to be founded by the King of Pergamon, Hierapolis may have actually been established in the 4th century BC by the Seleucid Kings. The name of the city may derive from Hera, the wife of the son of Hercules, and grandson of Zeus, the mythical founder of Pergamon. It may have been called the sacred city because of the temples located at the site. It was destroyed by an earthquake but rebuilt in the year 60 AD. Famous natives of Hierapolis include the stoic philosopher Epictetus (65-135 AD), and the philosopher Antipater of Troy.

Blue cruises
 take in the stunning Turkish Turquoise coast. Beginning in Fethiye the cruise will see your journey to Oludeniz where you can enjoy the view from above while paragliding. The town of Kas welcomes passengers the next day followed by the sunken city of Kekova, after the ruins in the region you will finish in Olympos. At Olympos, you can explore the ancient city, chimaera flame or the quiet beach. Why not take a cruise and continue your 15 day trip by continuing on to Cappadocia, Istanbul or even east Turkey?