Turkey welcomes everyone to explore and enjoy its wondrous history, stunning destinations and even a few mysteries for those who want to look. Alaturka offers amazing 14 day package tours, travel from western Turkey, with Istanbul that straddles two continents and amazing blue cruises along the Turquoise coast. East Turkey offers tall mountains and history at every turn, modern cities that evolved from ancient civilisations with their own unique cultures and foods with ancient cities to explore.Take a two week trip of Turkey where every destination will be an unforgettable memory.

was once the capital for the Roman, Byzantium and Ottoman Empires, today it remains the largest city in Turkey. Throughout the city, visitors will be greeted with a mixture of classic architecture and modern design work seamlessly to create a superb design. The Bosphorus splits the city with half in Europe and Half in Asia with influences from both sides it makes Istanbul a must-see city.

Gallipoli, once the battlegrounds of a brutal battle between the Allied forces and Ottoman military during WWI. Today the peninsula is the destination of many people from the homes of the ANZAC troops. Remembrance monuments and cemeteries offer a place to remember the fallen of both sides, with trenches and key points of the battle still remaining to be visited. Alaturka offers Dawn Service tour these can be found here.

Cappadocia is a breathtaking landscape often described as being magical with the variety of rock formations and settlements carved directly into the rock. Each morning sees the sky filled with bright coloured hot-air balloons, taking off to see the sunrise bath the region in the warm rays of the new dawn. Vast underground cities become a place to explore with some of the settlements reaching as deep as 13 levels!

translated as ‘Cotton Castle’ became a UNESCO world heritage site along with the nearby ancient city of Hierapolis in 1988. White rock formations built up over the generations have a fluffy cotton look to them, originally used as a natural spa it was said that the mineral-rich waters were said to have healing properties.

Antalya is a beautiful modern coastal city overlooking the Mediterranean. The region was once home to Roman settlements whose ruins can be found in the surrounding countryside. Along with the ancient cities such as Perge and the extensive stadium at Aspendos, there are a series of beautiful waterfalls that create spectacular rainbows all year around. The city centre makes for a great time shopping with modern shopping malls as well as traditional Turkish street markets to browse.

Blue cruises take in the stunning Turkish Turquoise coast. Beginning in Fethiye the cruise will see your journey to Oludeniz where you can enjoy the view from above while paragliding. The town of Kas welcomes passengers the next day followed by the sunken city of Kekova, after the ruins in the region you will finish in Olympos. At Olympos, you can explore the ancient city, chimaera flame or the quiet beach. Why not take a cruise and continue your 14 day trip by continuing on to Cappadocia, Istanbul or even east Turkey?